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Custom Arrangments

How do I order a custom arrangement?

1. Send an email to Tim including a PDF of the sheet music and the desired timeline for receiving the track.

2. Tim will respond with a realistic timeline for finishing the project as well as a price quote.  When the two parties have agreed on a price and completion time, you are nearly there.

3. Give any final instructions on interpretation, breaths, etc. for the learning track.

Before receiving learning tracks, payment must be made through Paypal or via snail mail.

How much do they cost?

Custom learning tracks start at $200.

A typical song is a four-part arrangement, less than 4 minutes in length, and is no longer than 100 measures.


Songs which are more than four parts or more than 4 minutes in length (most often medleys) are generally $250-$300.


Tim can give you a more exact quote after receiving the sheet music.

How long until I get my tracks?

Email for an estimate.

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