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As you are browsing, be sure to read the extra song information that is included with some of the songs by clicking on the song title.  A few of the songs were recorded with slight variations from the original sheet music, as requested by the original purchaser of the learning track.  These songs will be marked with an asterisk *.   Also, some of the songs, mostly ballads, may have free interpretation as requested by the original purchaser.  You will find these details by clicking on the song.   Email Tim if you would like to preview the track in which you are interested.  

Mechanical licensing fees are the responsibility of the purchaser. By purchasing learning tracks from tbaudio.org, you agree to the responsibility of paying mechanical licensing fees for the copies that you make. You can learn about and pay mechanical licensing fees by going to the Harry Fox agency website (www.harryfox.com). Mechanical licensing fees are collected to pay royalties to the copyright owners. The current cost is 9.1 cents per copy and you must pay for a minimum of 25 copies. The minimum cost is $2.28 per song. The arranger owns the copyright on any public domain song. You will likely need to pay the copyright holder directly for public domain songs. Mechanical license fees are affordable, and I urge you to take them seriously. Please take the time to make your learning tracks legal.

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